This is a fictionial site to show the web design skills of Sean Barr. Astonishing Antiques is not a real site and you cannot purchase from it.

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About Us

The Owners

astonshing antiques store front

Abigale and Alex Aster are twins who inherited their grandparent's antique store. They wanted to create a new kind of antique store and with that they created Astonishing Antiques!

The Store

Before and after images of the stores.

On the left you'll see the old store. It looks like your average antique store, but Astonishing Antiques is anything but average. We gave it an all-new modern look and expanded size to store everything you could ever want!

Our Guarantee

friends in front of store laughing.

We guarantee that any product we sell will be at a fair price and of in great condition. Money back guarantee! We also garentee that we have almost anything a collector of any kind would want!


map of store.

1892 Old St, Las Vegas, Nevada