This is a fictionial site to show the web design skills of Sean Barr. Astonishing Antiques is not a real site and you cannot purchase from it.

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Astonishing antiques is your go to place for anything old, new, or refurbished! We got cool stuff, gross stuff, shiny stuff, cheap stuff, expensive stuff and everything in-between! Everything we have is available in-store or you can purchase and reserve any time online and come pick it up or arrange shipping! Be sure to browse our online catalog and find the antique you need. 'Cause once it's gone, it's GONE!

Why Shop Astonishing Antiques?

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I'll tell you why: because we have things big box stores don't have, like genuine revolvers from WW2 or a wheel from an old ship from the early 1900s! Almost all our items are one of a kind and we have the largest variety of items of any antique shop. so what you waiting for? Come to Astonshing Antiques today!!!

This Month's Deal:

15% OFF all items from the 1890s!

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Get your ball gown out 'cause we're going back to the 90's — 1890s to be more exact — and you can get 15% off any items you find from that decade (in-store only)